Job Title: Call for 2 Member Positions of the Scientific and Technical Committee of CORAF/WECARD
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Job Location: Senegal
Closing Date: 10/11/2016
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The  Scientific and Technical Committee (STC)  is  a statutory body  of CORAF/WECARD, whose aim is to examine and provide advice to the Governing Board on the scientific quality and the relevance of sub-regional research activities. The committee is composed of twelve (12) members chosen from  National Agricultural Research  Systems  (NARS)  of CORAF/WECARD  and partner  institutions.  The  members must possess demonstrated expertise and experience in the area of agricultural research for development. The STC holds ordinary sessions once a year and extraordinary sessions when there is the need to. The official working languages are French and English.

There are at present two vacant positions in the STC and this call has been designed to fill up these positions: Agroforestry and Crop Protection.


The objective of this call is to identify two (2) new members in order to ensure continuity and effective functioning of the STC.

Profile sought

The candidates must be specialized in the following areas: Agroforestry – Crop Protection

Tasks of STC members

  • Examine the CORAF/WECARD Programmes and guide the Governing Board on scientific and technical issues as well as the conformity of research activities of base-centres, networks and research poles with the vision and mission of CORAF/WECARD;
  • Help the Executive Secretariat perform its function of facilitating scientific cooperation and coordination in West and Central Africa;
  • Help the Governing Board evaluate scientific activities of CORAF/WECARD carried out in between General Assembly Meetings;
  • Ensure the monitoring and evaluation of all collaborative scientific activities including scientific publication and dissemination of technical information managed by CORAF/WECARD;
  • Help the Executive Secretariat coordinate scientific activities with the aim of promoting scientific excellence and increasing the recognition of the Institution in all countries in West and Central Africa;
  • Evaluate project concept notes and proposals submitted by members of NARS and their partners in the sub-region of West and Central Africa, within the framework of the competitive grant scheme and commissioned projects;
  • Represent the Executive Secretariat in national, regional and international scientific meetings and conferences;
  • Participate when solicited, in activities carried out at the CORAF/WECARD Executive Secretariat, such as recruitments, etc.


  • Members are selected based on their individual expertise; their selection is not linked to their institution of origin;
  • Members must come from National Agricultural Research Systems, Advanced Research Institutions and International Agricultural Research Centres;
  • Members must be available to provide support to the Committee in carrying out its tasks;
  • The functions of selected members must be compatible with the interests of agricultural research and development in West and Central Africa;
  • Members of the STC work on a voluntary basis and do not receive any salary from CORAF/WECARD; however, travelling, lodging and subsistence costs  of members, incurred during participation in meetings organized by CORAF/WECARD or in meetings where they represent the Institution, will be paid. CORAF/WECARD also offers a modest honorarium to STC members who carry out studies and evaluations on its behalf.

Submission of the application

The candidate’s document must consist of a motivation letter and detailed curriculum vitae including referees. The document must be addressed to:

The Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Committee of CORAF/WECARD 7 Avenue Bourguiba, BP 48 Dakar-RP Republic of Senegal 

electronically to the following address:

Women are strongly encouraged to send applications